How This MD Gets Radiant & Youthful Skin (Yes, You Can Too)

If there’s anyone who could convince you that beauty radiates from the inside out, it just might be Ellen Vora, M.D., a holistic psychiatrist practicing in NYC and mbg Collective member, who you might recognize from our How To Control Anxiety class. She is not only a renowned mental health expert who helps her patients feel their best with integrative practices, but she’s a certified yoga teacher and licensed medical acupuncturist. Oh, and not to mention: Her skin is pretty luminous, too.

But by her own admission: “I try not to put too much stock in vanity or appearance,” she says. So instead of solely focusing on tonics, creams, and mysterious potions, how does she feel her most beautiful? Well, it starts internally. 

Not all beauty- and skin-enhancing supplements are created equal—so it’s important to find a well-formulated option that supports skin and overall health from multiple pathways.* That’s why, she says, she takes mindbodygreen’s nr+.

“I take nr+, a formulation with a really intelligent combination of ingredients that support both more efficient energy production and smoother skin from a few different angles,*” she says. “mbg developed nr+ with Thorne, the clean supplement brand most trusted by health care practitioners, so it goes through four rounds of testing, from raw ingredients to stability.”

The hero active is an exciting ingredient that’s a new form of vitamin B3 called nicotinamide riboside—or NR—which acts as a precursor to NAD. NAD is essential for cellular function and metabolism. “Taking NR in capsule form effectively supports NAD levels in the human body, and this can enhance cellular energy production, help us avoid certain adverse health conditions, and delay some signs of aging,*” she says. 

But the formula also packs in other powerful ingredients that work alongside NR to effectively promote cellular beauty. Two of note? Astaxanthin and phytoceramides, which promote skin health in two major ways.* “Each of these components has synergistic effects with NR: Astaxanthin is a powerful antioxidant, which helps attack free radicals, which really lessens the appearance of aging on our skin, and phytoceramides help draw moisture to the skin to maintain a youthful appearance,” she says.*

The result? A glow that starts at the cellular level. 

“Since starting nr+, I’ve noticed that my skin has looked brighter and more youthful,*” she says. “And my husband, who rarely notices if I do anything, has mentioned that I’ve been looking just a little bit brighter lately—that tells me this is probably helping me on the inside as well.”

While taking a skin-supporting supplement is an efficient and effective step toward a healthy glow*, it can’t be the only thing. Three of the most important components to this are sleep, stress management, and exercise. 

We know that sleep is a vital part of skin care—and consistent lack of quality sleep contributes to premature aging overall. It turns out that NAD actually plays a role in sleep hygiene as well. 

“NAD plays a role in our internal body clock, which is increasingly dysregulated in modern life. If you struggle to fall asleep or you drag yourself through the day, then this might apply to you, too,” says Vora. “I’ve noticed I now get tired at the appropriate time at night. Then, I sleep well overnight and wake up with more energy at the right time in the morning.*”

Stress is also a major component to healthy skin. There’s a reason that stressful periods can trigger skin conditions or just an overall lack of vibrancy. This is because stress, especially chronic stress, triggers cortisol (the stress hormone), which wreaks havoc on skin cells. And finally, exercise is also part of a healthy skin care routine. We know from plenty of research that even mild to moderate exercise can help the skin by increasing circulation, as well as helping neutralize oxidative stress in the body and skin. 

“With nr+, the combination of NR and rhodiola—one of my favorite adaptogens—has really helped my body handle stress and has increased my energy in a way that feels very natural and manageable,*” she says. “I can pour all the passion that I have into the projects I’m working on, and at the end of the day—rather than wanting to completely collapse on the couch—I might even do a bit of yoga in my living room.”

Sure, a high-quality moisturizer and combination of products will provide immediate payoff, but for sustained healthy skin, you must start internally. 

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